Plenary session and the Dean’s Prize for the best publications of FEM 2020

Due to the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, the Think Together conference (public presentation of IGA (B) interim reports, plenary session with a presentation of publications awarded the Dean's Prize, parallel sessions) will be held ONLINE on February 1, 2021 in the MS Teams environment. You will receive a link to the connection by email and it will also be published on this website.

The plenary session is organized as a presentation of works that have been awarded the Dean’s Prize for the best publications of FEM PhD students for 2020. The aim is to provide the academic community of the faculty with the best publications created in 2020 by FEM PhD students, or those who contributed significantly to their creation. Another goal is to motivate and inspire other FEM PhD students to similarly create high-quality publications. The contest is organized by the Instructions of the Dean of FEM CZU Prague No. 3/2015 Rules for Awarding the Dean’s Award for the Best Publications of FEM PhD students.

Each awarded work will be presented by its author (author group) at the plenary meeting (15 minute presentation + 5 minute discussion).

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