Parallel sessions

The aim of the parallel sessions is to provide FEM PhD students with a platform for peer evaluation of works prepared for publication, or to discuss the design of newly established research. Parallel sessions are structured according to the branches of the PhD studies. The review process and the quality of the articles and their presentations are supervised by the session chairs approved by the Chairmen of PhD boards of the respective PhD study programmes.

Parallel Session Chair
Economics and Economics of Enterprises prof. Ing. Ivana Boháčková, CSc.
Management doc. Ing. Tomáš Macák, Ph.D.
Regional and Social Development Ing. Jakub Husák, Ph.D.
Regional and Social Development doc. Ing. PhDr. Petr Kokaisl, Ph.D.
Information Management doc. Ing. Arnošt Veselý, CSc.
Systems Engineering prof. doc. RNDr. Helena Brožová, CSc.


Authors will send their articles to the review proceedings of the conference through the editorial manager after registration. The editorial manager in which registration is done, and in which review proceedings take place, will be launched on 8 November 2021.

More information about type of the article, about inclusion of the article to the review proceedings and the presentation of the article you can find here.

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