Awarding the Dean’s Award for the best publications of FEM PhD students

Works ranked from positions 1 to 5 will receive awards. The author or the representative of the author group will receive a diploma during the plenary Think Together conference. The author (author group) will also receive a financial reward of

1st place … 15,000 CZK
2nd place … 10,000 CZK
3rd place … 7,000 CZK
4th to 5th place … 5,000 CZK

In the event of an insufficient number of submitted quality works, the FEM management reserves the right not to grant some of the awards. If the work is created by an author group, the financial reward will be equally divided amongst all of the home group members (PhD students and FEM employees). A condition for the granting of a financial reward is the presentation of the work at the plenary Think Together conference by a DSP student – member of the author group, and by a different member of the author group in exceptional and justifiable cases (e.g. internship abroad).

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